Riviere bracelet

Sterling silver riviere bracelet with white crimped zircons. 3 mm diameter each zircon.

S - Size: 46 zircons (16 cm).

M - Size: 52 zircons (18 cm).

Triple security lock.

Very delicate piece, avoid exercising or abrupt movements with it.

*Limited units.

Marta Carriedo: "I have the riviere bracelet before the necklace because it is a unique jewel that I love to see on my wrist. This type of bracelet is a basic one for me. I don't take it off at all because it seems super elegant for any time of the day. That's why I wanted to design exactly the same model, made with white crimped zircons and triple security lock so that you can be sure that you will never lose it. Let's shine like the stars! "