Los Angeles scented candle

High quality transparent glass jar with chromed metal lid.
This candle is made of different natural and biodegradable substances, being a 100% pure vegetable candle. It has a bright flame and no smoke, with a duration of up to 20% more than a normal candle.

Dimensions: 9 cm high x 8 cm in diameter.
Quantity of wax: 200 gr.
Burning duration: 45 hours.
Smell: orange, peony, lavender and vanilla.
Box dimensions: 10,4 cm high x 8,8 cm width

Marta Carriedo: “I've been living between Madrid and Los Angeles for almost four years and every time I leave there, what I miss the most is that American lifestyle. That's why I'm very excited to show you this creation of scented candles, which every time I smell them remind me of all the moments I've lived there. The sunsets in Santa Monica, my bike rides in Venice Beach, the endless palm trees...These candles collect what I like most about my second city, LA”.