"Love Yourself Fragrance

"Love Yourself" fragrance.

The fragrance starts with the citrus tones of bergamot and lime, mixed with a soft touch of pineapple juice. The floral heart opens the fragrance to sensuality with notes of jasmine, iris, freesia and lily of the valley, then the white peach and vanilla add warmth to the whole. It is a radiant perfume of femininity, tenderness and sweetness.

100 ml bottle

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Marta Carriedo: "I had always wanted to create a perfume that would identify me and finally I could put together the perfect aromas that define me. I love the soft and feminine smell that this fragrance has, but at the same time it is very light and fresh. If I could define it with a word, I would say "love". I put it on and it reminds me that I should love and take care of myself, that's why I wanted to call it "love yourself" so that each time you wear it, you think of pampering yourself."